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Panels Feature & benefits

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  • Fast on-site erection = labor cost savings
  • High insulation value results saving energy  
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Ease of construction
  • Removable panels       
  • Low whole life costs for building owner/tenant
  • Design/appearance flexibility
  • Reduce the dead load of the building results low structure costs 


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What is Aluminum Composite Panels

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Aluminum Composite Panels , are factory engineered panels used mainly for exterior cladding, partitioning, load bearing walls and roofing elements in a wide range of buildings consist of two thin sheets of aluminum continuously bonded to a polyethylene core . This composition offers a high degree of stability, flexibility ,rigidity and excellent load-bearing capacity.
ACP is completely customizable.Its strength to-weight ratio ,clean lines and extreme flatness have made the material a favorite in commercial  constructions for decades .These light yet regid panels have broadened architectural horizons , changed city skylines and inspired new aesthetic and functional achivement in building design around the globe since they were introduced three decades ago .The ACP are a very competitive alternative to traditional metal or other building panels .For now construction ,no other material offers a more creative allowance while maintainning such a clean and modern look .in retrofit applications ,it most offen can be installed directly over the old exterior without the need to remove the existing building material .
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Technical Specification

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Color Guide

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As Color matching trough Monitor can not be real, we dont put our color guide here.
If you need a color guide please fill in attached form and send it for us, then we will post color guide for you.

AminR Catalog Request Form


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Dimension & Packing

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Standard Dimension Of Panels
Length can change upon request




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Various Panels

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va1Regular Panel:

These panels are manufacture with a polyethylene core, and total thickness ranges within 3 to 6mm.

The surface of these panels coated with PVDF, which give this product a high endurance against sunlight and other environmental factors, and make this product special in order to be applied in facing of buildings.

Panels coated with polyester are recommended to be used for interior applications.

va2Ultra-cool Panel:

Surface of these panels coated with a special paint which reflects most of the sunlight. So, inside temperature of the building remain cooler 8oc to 14oc in comparison of other coatings.

These coatings help a lot to be energy effective and reduce the energy costs of buildings.

va3Fire-Retardant panel:

The core material of these panels is made up of non-hologenic polyolefin and other mineral materials, which makes this product Fire-resistance.

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Untitled document ad1Thermal, moisture and acid rain Resistive:This product is a perfect resistance against all adverse conditions. For example, it can tolerate a temperature range of -40oc to +80oc as well as resisting against U.V rays of sunlight. One the other hand, proper coating protects this product against moisture and acidic rains. This product is famous to have a long period of performance, and it would be a magnificent choice to be used in buildings.

ad2Easy to install: Aluminum composite panels can be easily cut or shaped into a desired curve or right angle by simple techniques like making a set of grooves on them. These panels are really easy to install.

ad3Having a light weight: These panels are a lot lighter than other conventional materials being used as faade of buildings. So, by using them as faade, dead load will be reduced considerably. Consequently, this will reduced earthquake side load on building.

ad4Energy Savor: Having Polyethylene core on these panels makes them great isolation, which prevents the energy lost from facing and walls of the building. Indeed, most of the energy lost in buildings is from these areas. Also, there is a specific type of these panels produced designed for areas with hot weather conditions. Indeed, the outer coating is called Ultra-cool, which can reflect majority of sunlight. Consequently, it keeps the buildings temperature 8oc to 14o c cooler. This product is ideal for hot regions which have more and longer sunny days in a year.

Noise isolation:
These panels are great noise isolators being used in buildings. In order to reduce more noise, installation must be followed up by instruction manual of the company.


Highly resistive against scratches:
Coated surface of a common panel does not scratch easily.


Mechanical resistance:
A.C. Panels are having a good resistance against expanded forces like wind or shocks.



Easy maintenance:
Maintenance of these panels is really easy and they only need to be washed to get clean.

These panels are not inflammable and they won't reform up to 30 min after being exposed to flames.

This product is totally waterproof. So, it protects building structure against moisture and rainfall.


Environmental friendly:
This product is produced, coated and laminated with modern techniques so that there will remain the least waste material. As a matter of fact, all of the used materials are totally recyclable.

Color variety:
This product has provided with a wide range of colors by manufacturers so it is one of the best choices for building designers.

Light reflection:
Metallic and pearlescent colors of this product are having a great light reflection, which makes the building look gorgeous during both day and night.

Cost effectiveness:
As a matter of fact, by using these panels, installation time will be shorter and overall weight of the building will be reduced a lot. This will save a lot of investment on buildings.

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blue Highway noise isolation

blue Tunnels

blue Prefabricated houses

blue Shelters

blue Industrial Plants

blue Industrial structures

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Alumin overview

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ALUMIN Aluminum-Plastic composite panels are produced under license of Switzerland ALUMIN. These panels consist of two coated Aluminum layers on top and down, which are glued to a non-toxic polyethylene core in the middle with thermal glue.


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