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Various Panels

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va1Regular Panel:

These panels are manufacture with a polyethylene core, and total thickness ranges within 3 to 6mm.

The surface of these panels coated with PVDF, which give this product a high endurance against sunlight and other environmental factors, and make this product special in order to be applied in facing of buildings.

Panels coated with polyester are recommended to be used for interior applications.

va2Ultra-cool Panel:

Surface of these panels coated with a special paint which reflects most of the sunlight. So, inside temperature of the building remain cooler 8oc to 14oc in comparison of other coatings.

These coatings help a lot to be energy effective and reduce the energy costs of buildings.

va3Fire-Retardant panel:

The core material of these panels is made up of non-hologenic polyolefin and other mineral materials, which makes this product Fire-resistance.

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